About Us


BCSI Education Group is an international education consulting and training organisation that offers valuable services to individuals, training institutes and businesses. We work with these organisations to streamline their processes, expand into new markets and grow their businesses locally and Internationally. We are also specialised in assisting personal clients to choose the best course and provider that match their career aspirations.

With knowledge of industry best practices, we are a team of experienced industry professionals that are committed to helping our clients in shaping their future and dedicated to their success.

Why Us?

Personal clients
‍BCSI Education Group has a team of qualified education consultants, who will advise our clients in selecting the best education provider and advise them in every step of the application process. Our education counsellors come from different backgrounds so we can offer you a personalised service. We have delivered honest and reliable information to hundreds of students and made international educational avenues accessible to them. From setting your goals, choosing your course of study, preparation of documents, submissions, to the acceptance of your offer letters, we handle and control every step of your application process.

‍For education and training organisations to remain relevant in business and grow stronger, an overt strategy to expand into new delivery channels are required. BCS International Education Group has an advisory board and highly qualified industry professionals who analyse your core competency and create solutions to suit your business needs.Through a well-established network of business professionals in the field, our in-depth knowledge of Australian regulatory framework and substantial experience in the provision of education services, we help our clients to emerge stronger than before, while making sure all the compliances and obligations are met.

Mission and Vission

We at BCSI Education Group seek to offer quality, ethical and professional customer support to our clients (students, education partners and government agencies). We will continue to establish difficult standards that lead to the next stage of industry development. We aim at establishing a relationship of complete transparency and honesty with our clients and always try to deliver the best possible outcomes for you.

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